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Angelina Jolie's weight loss and emaciated body ignite anorexia rumors

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Angelina Jolie's emaciated figure has ignited rumors she's suffering from the eating disorder anorexia. Angelina's gaunt, fat-free physique had fans voicing concerns she may be anorexic on Twitter.

"She's gorgeous, but so very painfully thin," one woman tweeted. Another fan chimed in, "Everyone is talking about how great Angelina Jolie looks, but to me she's too skinny."

Jolie has long been dogged by anorexia rumors but the speculation has never panned out (especially since she had two healthy pregnancies, including the birth to twins). She previously admitted she's too thin, but said her active lifestyle and hectic schedule keep her from being able to gain weight.

"I am too thin," she said. "I don't like that I'm that thin. If I could snap my fingers tomorrow and put on 15 pounds, I'd be so happy if it went in the right places."

While some have accused Angelina of being anorexic and starving herself, the mother of six insists a healthy diet and regular exercise are her top priorities because she wants to see her children grow up.

I lost my mother not so long ago and there is something about the years passing where you really appreciate life more each day. It becomes important for you to stay healthy and age gracefully. I want to see my grandkids. I want to see my children grown and spend the years with Brad."

It has been one year since Jolie underwent a preventive double mastectomy after genetic tests revealed she had an 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer and a 50 percent chance of contracting ovarian cancer. As a result of her mastectomy, Jolie's breast-cancer risk has dropped to under five percent.

Angelina's mother, aunt, uncle, grandmother and grandfather all died from cancer, forcing the Oscar winner to take the radical step of preemptively removing both her breasts.

Jolie is doing well now after the double mastectomy, but still plans to remove her ovaries in the near future. The ovary-removal procedure, called an oophorectomy, calls for the removal of both ovaries. Removing the ovaries reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by 80 to 90 percent by reducing the amount of estrogen and progesterone circulating in the body.

Angelina, who has been a United Nations goodwill ambassador since 2001, discussed how her charity work has changed her life in Notes from My Travels.

Update: Angelina Jolie was hospitalized for anorexia and self-harm