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Angelina Jolie birthday, love quote tattoos, and love interests make headlines

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Actress Angelina Jolie turned 37-years-old on June 4, 2012. As one of the world's most influential power couples, Jolie and Brad Pitt officially got engaged back in May of 2012. However, if they do get married in the future he will not be her first husband or love interest.

She was married to actor Jonny Lee Miller from 1996 to 1999. She then married actor Billy Bob Thornton and the couple remained together from the year 2000 to 2003.

Her marriage to Thornton was far more publicized in Hollywood tabloids than her earlier union with Miller. When she married the older actor she made a bold move getting a Dragon tattoo with the name Billy Bob in scroll work above it on the upper part of her slender arm.

Because she was so beautiful, many people were shocked that she disfigured herself in such a glaring way. However, at the time Angelina Jolie came out in the press acknowledging she and Thorton (as well as she and her ex Miller) were into some very unusual fetish games that included blood play. Obviously at that point her having a tattoo didn't seem very shocking at all.

Now that it is 2012, the birthday girl actress is still making headline news -- but not because of all the fresh ink that adorns her bodacious bod. It is actually because her old love quote tattoo has been credited as starting the Hollywood celebrity obsession with getting lover's names tattooed.

Today, a tattoo that has all the latitude and longitude marks of her children's birth places adorns her arm. She had the "Billy Bob Dragon Tattoo" removed and recovered years ago.

Somehow, in a world where divorce settlements are so common (and costly), the pain of having permanent ink removed by laser tattoo removal or to have body art recovered seems like unnecessary roughness. But, alas... since Hollywood star celebs like Angie are willing to endure the painful process, so are other famous people as well as her fans.

What do you think of love quote tattoos in general? Are they fashionable or foolish? Should the actress make the same mistake twice and get Brad Pitt's name tattooed on to celebrate their engagement and her 37th year?

Let other readers know your thoughts about the celebrity couple in the comments section below.

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