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Andrea Electronics offers 'Ravaged' branded SuperBeam SB-805B headset

Ravaged branded headset
Reverb Publishing and Adnrea Electronics

Today Reverb Publishing announced a partnership with Andrea Electronics to offer an exclusive "Ravaged" branded SuperBeam SB-805B headset. "Ravaged" is a first-person shooter developed by 2 Dawn Games that supports up to 32 people engaging in "heavy vehicular battles, air combat, and a competitive edge that elevates the game into the professional competitive arena."

Those who pre-order the game from Andrea Electronics can get 20% off the full MSRP of $179.95, discounted to $143.95. Alternatively, you can preorder the "Ravaged" Game Bundles for $159.95 discounted down from $199.95. That's a $40 savings.

The headset features integrated microphones in each earpiece, making it "boom free." It also boasts Adaptive Beam Forming technology that cancels background noise while talking and an in-line USB sound card for compatibility and superior sound performance.

According to Douglas Andrea, President of Andrea Electronics Corporation:

“The SB-805 headset was designed to give hard core Ravaged computer gamers the unique feature of embedded stereo microphones, providing clear voice pickup in a premier top of the line headset and with beam forming digital noise canceling technology that will allow users to have more freedom to eat and drink while game chatting. The ear cups are also loaded with 50mm speakers that deliver powerful bass, clear midrange and sparking highs for a high definition game sound experience.”

You can order the "Ravaged" branded headset from

You can also preorder "Ravaged" on Steam, in addition to the following online retailers: Rain, GameStop, Origin, Gamersgate, Metaboli, GOG, Humble Bundle, and Greenman Gaming.

"Ravaged" will be available on October 17, 2012 for $24.99 and is rated “M” for mature.

For more information about the game, visit

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