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Ancestor 25: Maria Anastacia Ramirez was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother

This 1850 US Census lists Maria Anastacia Ramirez as married with two children. She had a large family.
This 1850 US Census lists Maria Anastacia Ramirez as married with two children. She had a large family.
Judy Everett Ramos

This is the 25th article in the project, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.

Maria Anastacia Ramirez is a paternal great-great grandmother. She was born in Mexico May 2, 1830, although one census document states she was born in Texas. It is not known where in Mexico she was born or who her parents were. There is no actual record for the May 2 birth date, but this is family tradition passed on through the generations.

Maria Anastacia first appears in the 1850 U.S. Census in the Rio Grande Valley. That census states she was born in Texas and was 25 years old, although if she was born in 1830 she would only be 20 years old.

In the 1850 census she was married to Jesus Valdez and they had two children, Felix and Brigido, ages four and two, respectively.

Maria Anastacia does not appear in any records again until the 1870 census, which shows her living in San Diego, Texas, which is outside Corpus Christi. This census states she was born in Mexico. This time she is shown to have a large family of nine children, including great-grandmother Juana Valdez, who is eight years old.

Only Felix, who was the first born, is not listed as living in the home. He would have been about 24 years old at the time and was likely married and living on his own.

The last document for Maria Anastacia is the 1880 census, which lists her residence as Amargosa, which is just outside present day Alice, Texas, in Jim Wells County today. This residence is not far from San Diego, where she lived previously. This census states she was born in Mexico.

The census lists 27 people in the Valdez household, including her children, her children’s spouses, and numerous grandchildren.

The 1880 census is the last known document for Maria Anastacia Ramirez. She would have been around 50 years old at that time. There is no other information about her, including when or where she died.

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