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An update on the sweet Saint Bernard rescued by Jurassic Bark

Facebook: Jurassic Bark Rescue

UPDATED FEBRUARY 3 10PM: Falcor has tested heartworm negative. Great news since he has a lot of healing to do.

Falcor, rescued by Jurassic Bark Rescue, was only weeks from death
Facebook: Jurassic Bark Rescue

This is an update on the severely injured dog rescued last night by Jurassic Bark Rescue.

Facebook: Jurassic Park Rescue posted more information on Falcor on February 3. The 501c3 non-profit that serves dogs in the Houston area, quickly stepped up to arrange veterinary care for this damaged Saint Bernard Mix.


Falcor was taken to Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital today, and is now under the compassionate care of Dr. Heather Putska. This sweet baby has a lot of health conditions to overcome, but so far has shown an amazing will to live.

This Examiner article covered his rescue February 2.

Dr. Putska says Falcor has the worst case of Demodex mange she has ever seen. Listed below are some of the conditions he must overcome to live a healthy, happy life.

*Demodex mange
*Sarcoptic mange
*Swollen lymph nodes
*Open, bleeding infected skin over 100% of his body
*Lacerations all the way around his neck where something was embedded at one time
*Most likely anemic

So far today, Falcor has been treated with a mega dose of antibiotics and pain medication. He has undergone skin scrapes and will be treated twice a week with medicated baths. Falcor still needs to be tested for heartworms and neutered.

The official word posted by Jurassic Bark Rescue stated

"The official word is that Falcor would have been DEAD in 2 weeks, the extreme infection would have entered his blood and he would have died of Septic Shock."

Despite his condition, Falcor has a tremendous will to survive all that life has thrown on him. He has a great appetite and loves his treats. He still has a lot of energy and a fantastic personality. Once healed, Falcor will make someone a devoted companion.

All of this is going to take money. Lots of money, especially since almost every system in his body is compromised. You can help by donating here on the Jurassic Bark Rescue website. If you prefer to make a donation directly to his vet at Stafford Oaks Vet Hospital, please call 281-499-3538.

Falcor hasn't given up on humans, despite the pain and abuse inflicted on his body. Physically, he may be battered, but his emotional condition is remarkable, and he desperately wants to live.

Thank you for rescuing this boy, Jurassic Bark Rescue. It takes a special rescue to deal with dogs in Falcor's condition. You're heroes in the animal world.

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