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Amy Lee of Evanescence takes to Twitter clarifying her new found freedom

Amy Lee of Evanescence has declared her musical freedom
Amy Lee of Evanescence has declared her musical freedom
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Amy Lee of Evanescence declared her freedom on Twitter and Facebook over the last two days, and many fans were left scratching their heads wondering exactly what the singer meant specifically. Many fans have known since early January that Amy Lee sued her record company Wind-Up Records over unpaid royalties as reported by TMZ and In that lawsuit Lee claimed that $1.5 million in royalties had been withheld by Wind-Up Records. Unfortunately it's not uncommon for artists to be taken advantage of in the music business, and while no one knows for sure what happened in the case between Wind-Up and Lee over the last couple of days, Lee declaring her freedom can certainly lead to many speculating that a decisive split has occurred between the Multi-Platinum selling artist and her record label. Evanescence took their most recent self-titled release to the top of the charts, proving they are still a vital band in modern music.

On March 18 Lee took to Twitter and announced that for the first time in 13 years she was an independent artist. She also mentioned that it's something she had wanted for a long time and she was happy. Lee's twitter update has been marked as a favorite over 3,200 times and retweeted over 2,600 times so far. Lee responded to some of her fans questions giving some insight as to what her new found freedom entails. Lee told one fan that she is free from her record deal and therefore free to release music whenever she feels the desire to do so.

About 12 hours ago on March 19 Lee spoke to another fan on Twitter to clarify her new found freedom. Lee answered the question "Free from your record deal or free from evanescence?" by saying that she was, "Free from my record deal. I'm free to do anything, Ev included." We can assume that the gears are turning in the matter and Lee will announce a more formal separation from her label and the details and plans for her musical future at a time that is appropriate. The official @evanescence Twitter handle has been silent since December 8, 2013.