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‘Amish Mafia’ season finale is explosive; cast blows up rental car

Amish Mafia season finale
Amish Mafia season finale
Amish Mafia/Facebook

The Amish Mafia season finale offers a look at what might happen if people rent cars to the Amish kids. The show has definitely revealed a darker side of the lifestyle over the past several months. Showcasing cheating, domestic abuse and even lying, there hasn’t been anything as bad as what is coming up for the finale. This Amish Mafia spoiler reveals details on the show airing April 7. Fans who don’t want to know what might happen should look away now. According to Extra TV on Monday, the cast is really upset and blows up a car.

The entire sneak peek is almost too unbelievable to watch. Stealing a car out of the driveway of someone’s home, Levi and his crew take the car to an undisclosed location. The owner of the car gives a running chase, but it is long gone before he can stop anyone. After tinkering under the hood and putting stuff inside the car, it blows up after everyone is safely away.

So why ruin a car? Apparently the “English” are infiltrating the population and the car was rented to kids so they could go places. Looking to put a stop to the situation, the guys from Amish Mafia really made an explosive point.

The season finale of Amish Mafia airs Tuesday, April 8 at 9 PM on Discovery.