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Americans questioning US defense spending

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Wednesday, CBS News reported that Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, warned of impending doom if budget cuts continue regarding US military and defense spending.

Americans understand the need for a strong defense. However they are seriously questioning defense spending that massively outspends the rest of world.

For example, with today’s advanced technology, a person can precisely operate a drone from the other side of the Earth. Therefore, it seems to be a waste of taxpayer dollars to continue the financial support of hundreds, if not thousands of US military bases around the world.

When you consider the national debt is spiraling out of control, and the US infrastructure is literally falling apart, it seems absurd to continue such expensive, invasive tactics overseas.

US politicians could be spending the public’s money by creating good paying jobs, repairing America’s infrastructure. But US middle class citizens do not have lobbyists representing their interests in Washington.

Instead, US taxpayers are funding costly, international military operations that don't make Americans any safer. Because lobbyists and special interest groups are allowed to exert financial influence, politicians continue to protect such corporate profit, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

US politicians must address all corporate defense contractors and profiteers with bold patriotism, otherwise defense spending will sink the US economy.

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