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America: the Spirit of 1776 meets the spirit of 1968

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In theaters now, Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary feature, "America - Imagine the World Without Her" is a movie made not just for old patriots, but for America’s youth who have been inundated by America’s critics without learning American history. In his second film, D’Souza responds to the condemnation of America by leftists who claim that America is an imperialist power oppressing minorities both at home and around the world. Dinesh takes the liberal argument and highlights the American history that their ideology condemns with truths that the left denies.

“Incredible as it may seem, there are people in America who want a world without America.” - Dinesh D’Souza

If you slept through history class, if your teacher blasted capitalism as ‘evil greed’ and socialism as ‘fair and righteous,’ if you believe Democrats are for the little guy and Republicans are only for the richest 1%, then this is the movie that will open your eyes. D’Souza confronts a number of proponents of the Obama Doctrine to fundamentally transform the United States from what it is as founded into their idea of a better nation. The American history that the Left teaches is that of white men destroying, enslaving, oppressing, and stealing land and resources from the brown man.

In a riveting narrative of American history and the people whose ideals made America the exception to the rest of the world that it is, Dinesh takes the liberal argument in each segment of history to enlighten the viewer. Far from being the imperial colonialist destroyer that anti-Americans portray, the America that is not being taught in schools today is the shining city on a hill that is the light of liberty in the world, and the last bastion of freedom that presidents like Ronald Reagan believed. As an immigrant from third world oppression, D’Souza sees what those who were born to liberty do not, and what Malaysian born immigrant, now an American citizen, Bee Yan of Garland, TX declared after seeing this movie;

“See, this movie isn’t made by a native born American. It takes an immigrant to see how great America is, and to see how this president is remaking it into a banana republic.”

If you love America, or if you have been told America is unworthy of your love, see this movie and learn what they didn't teach you in school.

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