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Amazon email indicates PlayStation 4 being prepped for shipping

Amazon email indicates PS4 being prepped for shipping
Amazon email indicates PS4 being prepped for shipping
NeoGaf user: Cheska

Several people who have placed their pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 through Amazon have received an email thanking them for their order and that they are preparing it for shipment. The image can be seen above, as provided by NeoGaf. Now, the confusing part about this is that the date showing as the estimated delivery date is December 31, 2013, when we know that no release date has even been announced.

What does this mean? This can mean one of two things. The first is that Sony is shocking the video game industry with a surprise release. The date is just a placeholder release date that we are used to seeing until the launch date is officially announced and this is being generated into the emails. If it were a surprise launch, the system will transfer the date as indicated on the site.

GameStop also sent out automated calls this evening to preferred users letting them know that they will offer an additional 50% for trade ins this week.

While this could be a possibility, the second thing it could possibly mean, which is probably the most accurate assumption, is that Amazon messed up and these emails were generated and sent out in error.

It would be great if Sony had a release for the PlayStation 4 the way the Saturn was released. Just the way SEGA did as they announced the Saturn in 1995, they included the whole, "Oh by the way, it's on shelves now," kind of deal would be stellar. However, we can just assume it's a blunder on Amazon's part, as we have seen these types of errors from them in the past.

In case this is not an error, make sure you have the money ready to pay off your pre-orders.

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