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Amanda Bynes 'no-contest' plea: Survives bizarre era unscathed

Amanda Bynes pleads "no-contest" to DUI.
Amanda Bynes pleads "no-contest" to DUI.

Amanda Bynes enters a plea of “no-contest” in her DUI arrest, which is now dropped down to “wet reckless,” the lowest level of a DUI that prosecutors can seek in a DUI case. Bynes, who had a complete breakdown after many run-ins with the law, was given three years’ probation and she is ordered to attend three months of alcohol education classes, according to the L.A. Times on Feb. 24. It seems she's come back from her bizarre world unscathed.

Bynes started her long and bizarre string of driving incidents back in 2012 when she tried to pass an L.A. County Sheriff’s Department cruiser and clipped him. This happened in the wee hours of the morning in West Hollywood. This arrest was followed by a string of trouble with the law and DUIs on the west and east coasts.

While in New York Bynes was arrested for tossing a bong out her high-rise window. All of her troubles finally came to a head when Bynes was put under psychiatric care involuntarily after setting a small fire in the Thousand Oaks neighborhood.

Bynes then moved in with her parents and is taking classes at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) at the Orange County campus. The judge praised her mother, Lyn Bynes, for a job well done when it comes to being her daughter’s conservator.