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Alzheimer's test can be taken at home in under 15 minutes

Alzheimer’s is a scary prospect as everyone ages. If you’re worried you’re beginning to enter that stage in life, a new test makes it easy to find out. According to the Huffington Post on Jan. 15, this test doesn’t even require a visit to a doctor’s office. You won’t even have to have anyone else administer the test.

Alzheimer's test can be taken in under 15 minues
Flickr Creative Commons, quacktaculous

Researchers found that a test—taken with pen and paper— can help determine the beginning of cognitive decline. In their study, 1,000 volunteers over the age of 50 were given the test and it successfully determined that 4 of 5 people showed mild cognitive decline.

The test is taken in 15 minutes and contains 22 questions, such as “how are a watch and ruler similar” and “write down the name of 12 animals.”

The test is called the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination. Researcher Douglas Scharre stated, “If we can catch this cognitive change really early, then we can start potential treatments much earlier than without having this test."

As with many diseases, early detection is key. With Alzheimer’s, there’s at least the benefit of being able to identify the onset of the disease in many ways, including a peanut butter sniff test. However, this test is said to be more effective than a doctor’s office since subtle impairments may not be obvious during such a short visit.

If a test-taker finds they’ve answered more than 6 points on the test, that’s a sign that a follow-up visit is needed. The test is available online, and can be downloaded from the Ohio State University website.

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