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Allen Park (aka Hobbitville) is a historic bird sanctuary community

A peacock living in Allen Park.
A peacock living in Allen Park.

Allen Park is a small (8 acre) neighborhood along Emigration Creek with a large mythology.

One of the birds within the Allen Park bird sanctuary.
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Located on the east-side of Salt Lake City at 1865 South and 1300 East, local lore calls this neighborhood “Hobbitville” and was built to house little people. This legend, however colorful, is false. In fact, Allen Park was built as a bird sanctuary and is a traditional that continues today.

Located across from Westminster College this neighborhood is a collection of small eclectic houses, fountains and sculptures, bird enclosures, and mosaics signs inscribed with various words of wisdom.

Allen Park was established in the 1930s by Dr. George Allen and his wife Ruth Larsen Allen as a bird sanctuary. For nearly 30 years, Dr. Allen collected more than 700 bird and wildlife specimens from around the world and housed them in Allen Park.

The bird sanctuary was open to the public every Sunday until Dr. Allen’s death in 1961.

In order to help financially sustain Allen Park, Dr. Allen began to incorporate rental residences into the neighborhood and he built or relocated several small structures to Allen Park in the 1930s and 1940s, some of the cabins were built by local craftsman in exchange for free medical care by Dr. Allen.

Allen Park became home to many nature lovers. The houses are small, even by historic standards, so most of the individuals living in them were single without families or children.

Allen Park continues to be a nature lovers rental paradise. Not as many bird species reside in Allen Park today but it is home to many waterfowl and peacocks. It is also one of the few rental places that is within Salt Lake City but still has the feeling of living in a wooded cabin near a peaceful stream.

Allen Park is private property. Please respect the privacy and property rights of the owners.


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