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Alledged female pimp picked up by Calgary police

Calgary police report seeing a rise in female traffickers.

Calgary police have arrested Amanda Kathleen McGee, 31, for allegedly extorting her 18-year old roommate into working in the sex trade after being asked by the victim’s family to check up on her. According to law enforcement officials, McGee is said to have offered the girl a place to stay shortly after her arrival in town last October, then “allegedly took inappropriate photos of the 18-year-old without her knowledge and later threatened to show them to the girl’s friends and family if she did not perform sex acts for money.” The teen alleges she was told the photos would be shared with family and friends if she didn't comply.

Although their landlord Sharon Lawton reported that McGee had stated that she was actually the one being victimized, Calgary police acting Staff Sgt. Mike Saunders stated that a second woman has come forward claiming that McGee had also “photographed her on a sex date with the teen,” and that she was also a “victim of voyeurism and extortion.” McGee is due to appear in court on Tuesday to face nine charges including: Trafficking in persons; Administering a noxious substance to aggrieve or annoy; Living on the avails of prostitution; Keeping a “common bawdy house;” Sexual assault with a weapon; Forcible confinement; Procure a person to become a prostitute; Extortion; and Voyeurism.

“Although most sex-trafficking situations involve a man who forces women into prostitution, we have been seeing a rise in female traffickers, and have engaged in investigations where females have procured females as sex trade workers," added Saunders. “This case should serve as a warning to be very careful when seeking a roommate. Listen to your gut and be aware that bad things can happen to good people.

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