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Albanian Mafia fueling Al Qaeda terrorist activity in US: Kosovo schools and orphanages open

Albanian Mafia
Albanian Mafia
screen shot courtesy aol


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    great article.. the albanians never had any connection to the al-qaeda especially the KLA. the KLA fought against serbia and were such a small army with less than 10thousand soldiers, you should read some history. the U.S. were the biggest supporter of kosova after the war and not the Islamics.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Haha. Stupid chink. Trying to earn a few pathetic pennies by inventing crap.

    Write about the yellow Mafia

  • Fred Franz 5 years ago

    What a gaff.. we handed Kosovo to the control of a Muslim terrorist group so they could do the same things to the Christians living there that the Serbs were falsley accused of. The Albanians in Kosovo will only be tame for as long as the money keeps flowing in their "country" from the USA and EU. Their backwards prefuedal society will never be fully "independent" from international hand outs. Once those dries up, so will thier gratitude and loyalty to there naive liberators - We'll soon see more Albanian born muslim terror like the Fort Dix incident we (Thank God) manged to stop.

    Even though our "thanks" fromt he Muslim world for invervention on behalf og Balkan muslims was pretty well illustrated on 9/11 - a wierd group of global governement types and muppets og George Soros insist we continune to support these creeps.

  • James Michael DuPont 5 years ago

    It is interesting what you write, why dont you just update the article on wikipedia, because I cannot even cite this article because your website is blocked. There are multiple issues with your article : 1. you are mixing up the dates in random order. 2 you are citing slobodans personal site that is a copy and paste load of junk, cite original sources. Also you seem to be a bit biased. I have had good experiences with kosovo and I did not see much of radical islam there. There are some saudis who trying to convert them, but for the most part the people of kosovo love america and all want iphones and laptops, not guns.


  • pjeter 4 years ago

    kush nuk e don shqiperin e kosoven JU QIFT NANA .....................

  • THE TRUTH 4 years ago

    Albanians aren't running anything for too long. Know why??? They are too agressive, stubborn and reckless. Ask any Colombian Cartel member what that means, and he'll fill you in. Flash, they don't last. Italians would never goto war with Albanians because they'll goto war with themselves and the rest is history. Why waste you time???

  • yeah yeah 4 years ago

    Probably one of worst article ever

  • lenny 4 years ago

    Probably one of the worst article ever.1 Albanian and Kosovo love usa 2 statistic do u have any or just blabla how many Albanian mafia family you have in usa????(( none)) how many Albanians convicted on a mafiosi laws numbers my friend 10 or maybe 20 i think this is pure propaganda from somebody ho got money from Russia or Serbia.1 question my friend du you have a Slavic backraund ????????????

  • deus lo volt 4 years ago

    ma che cazzo dite UCK con il al qaeda non ha a che fare,
    io sono stato e sono membro del UCK e sono cristiano e stato una guerra di sopravvivenza e non terrorismo,
    idioti informatevi prima di scrivere merdate-.....

  • Gerard B. 4 years ago

    The thought of this author being biased struck me as well. I'm currently an EU worker in Kosovo and have been working here for the past 4 years. Considering I am kept up to-date on almost anything happening in this country I have quite extensive knowledge on what "terrorist" activities would be going on, and I am yet to hear of any. Your statement of Kosovo being a terrorist breeding ground is extremely non-factual. Lets look at it this way, I have currently seen many, many many, more Chinese here then Middle Easterners. So does that mean Kosovo is also a communist breeding ground? No that would be stupid to assume. I have many more disputes with your article as well but I'll end my comment with this one. The title of your article leads the reader to believe that the Albanian Mafia is funding terrorist activity in the U.S. That couldn't be further from the truth. I am baffled as to what you could read that would not only lead you to put something like that in the article but to put it in the title. If you have any knowledge whatsoever on the Albanian Mafia or any other crime organization that originated in other regions of the world then you would know that what money they send is sent back to the region they come from. In this case back to the Balkans(and not to fund terrorism). I had to re-write this several times due to the limit so I will conclude with this. Do more then just a quick wikipedia search when you are to write an article that slanders an enitre ethnicity.

  • Max 13 2 years ago


  • Anonymous 2 years ago


  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You are confusing Albanians with Kosovars. The Kosovars are Albanian-speaking people, but are not Albanians. They are hard-core Muslims, who hate Christians. All the names that you mention here are Kosovars not Albanians. The Kosovars and the Albanisn hate each other more than the Serbs and Kosovars hate each other.
    When speaking about Albanians, think of Mother Teresa, think of Christians and Catholics , not of Kosovars. The Kosovars are Turks who were left behind in 1912 when the Ottoman Empire left the Balkans. Most of them speak Turkish better than Albanian. Their customs are Turkish and their religion is Islam. They have called time and again to kill Albanian Catholics and Orthodox in Kosovo.
    This is just the beginning of what is to come from Kosovar, Macedonian and Bosnian Muslims!

  • Shkumbin Kelmendi 1 year ago

    My freind you are very wrong. I am from kosovo and i would most likely 100% would call myself albanian. First of all we are not kosovar. Second of all i am not serb, mac, bosn, or turk. You wana know why? Search up the history of kelmend my last name. We are ethnic albanians just like you but our region has ben overuled so many times that we were forced to become muslims just like when we were forced to become cristian, catholic, and orthodox by many other countries. Also if you were truely albanian, albanians dont care about religeon. WE ARE ALBANIAN and thats it. Religeon is propaganda to munipulate others. And since your saying were turks. Than you must be greks even worser. Theyve done so many bad stuff to albanians. Also i realy do not understand why an albanian would say this. We albanians in kosovo love the US, and mostly Shqipri. And why would my name be Shkumbin: the river in albania. and fathers name Ylber: meaning rambo in albanian and mothers name Aferdita: meanig close day ( afer-dita) then my sibilings nora meaning light in albanian and vera meaning summer if i were turk. My freind we albanians in kosov are brothers with albanians in shqipri. We are sopose to soport one another. We are albanians, illyrians, and palsagians. We are not orthodox, cristian nor muslim. We all believe in god but we are albanian.

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