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Alan Keyes: Impeach Obama for spreading "political AIDS virus"

Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes
Mike Mulholland

Alan Keyes has written in a February 28th, 2014 column for the ultimate home of looney conspiracy theorists, WorldNetDaily, in which he once again insists that Congress must focus on "impeaching and removing Obama and his cohorts from office" in order to stop "his destructive, dictatorial intentions."

Alan Keyes' grudge against Obama easily traces back to the 2004 Illinois Senatorial campaign, for which Keyes was Obama's G.O.P. opponent. Since then, Keyes has done literally nothing except try to punish Obama with frivolous lawsuits, wingnut conspiracy theories and endorsements of anyone on the planet who will call for Obama's impeachment.

Keyes insists that "in a multitude of ways, Barack Obama has made clear his destructive, dictatorial intentions," but once again neglects to name a single one.

"Many Americans have been awakened to the truth I saw early on, that his idea of change involves destroying America’s liberty," Keyes vaguely insists. "Quietly a tide is rising in favor of taking the necessary constitutional steps to remove the danger by impeaching and removing Obama and his cohorts from office. But since the GOP’s leadership has been and is acting in collusion with Obama, they refuse to provide a rallying point for this sentiment.

"But with today's instruments of communication and mutual encouragement, people can organize amongst themselves with relative ease. This is the idea behind the Pledge to Impeach effort. A growing number of senators and congressional representatives are speaking out against Obama's lawlessness; his abuse of executive power; his all too obvious dictatorial predilections. But they will not be emboldened to act without a strong, visible public demand for action."

Keyes also claims to have "confirmed from hard experience" things that he outright refuses to elaborate on.

"Nothing stands in your way except the shackles of the mind that are, in the end, the most effective bonds of tyranny. As I have confirmed from hard experience, even though they are largely invisible, these shackles are of such adamantine strength that they have been the mainstay of almost every tyrannical regime in human history.

"The American mind was once peculiarly immune to them, on any large scale. Is there left in us some vestige of that immunity? Will it prove strong enough to overcome the effects of the political AIDS virus that has left our polity prey to opportunistic, lawless ambition and greed?"

And the American mind is still immune to them, as evidenced by the fact that, after a full decade of kicking and screaming, Alan Keyes still hasn't found any support outside of the American Taliban.

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