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Al Gore to Al Jazeera America: You defrauded me

Former Clinton administration Vice President Al Gore, now considered the guru of thousands of global warming and climate change activists, is suing the Middle Eastern-based Al Jazeera America for fraud regarding payment for his sale of the leftist cable television network, Current TV, that he helped to create along with like-minded investors, according reports and statements released on Friday.

Al Gore smells something rotten in Denmark regarding his deal with Al Jazeera
Courtesy of Twitter/Pamela Seley

When Gore launched his TV network, the original idea was to offer Americans a progressive channel to counter conservative-leaning broadcasters such as Fox News Channel, which continues to dominate the ratings for cable news beating out CNN, CNBC, and the leftist MSNBC. However, the ratings for its shows were abysmal and despite his name being touted as the Roger Ailes -- Fox News' successful leader -- his network appeared doomed for failure.

"First the far-left tried Air America with its stable of well-known liberal-left hosts including actress/standup comic Janeane Garafalo. But as expected it suffered from low-ratings. Who wanted to listen to a bunch of intellectually mediocre liberals spouting talking points for three hour shows?" noted political strategist Mike Baker.

"Now Al Gore's political venture is owned by another Al -- Al Jazeera," Baker quipped.

Gore and his business associates met with the owners of Qatari-owned, Middle East-based news network and struck a multimillion dollar deal that would bring special Al Jazeera programing designed for Americans.

Originally, there were complaints from Americans about broadcasting Al Jazeera -- a decidedly pro-Muslim news organization -- within the United States, but the Obama administration's Federal Communications Commission allowed the sale to go forward and the Al Jazeera broadcasts to begin.

Gore and his partners are accusing Al Jazeera of fraud as well as breach of contract over the sale and the case was brought to a Delaware court.

Gore attorney David Boies asserts in a statement that: "Al Jazeera America wants to give itself a discount on the purchase price that was agreed to nearly two years ago." Boies was the top lawyer for Al Gore in his litigation for the 2000 election Florida vote count.

The details of lawsuit that were released by Gore's attorney, alleges Al Jazeera America violated the terms of the sale and that he and his partners are owed more than $60 million out of a $500 million sale.

According to news organizations covering the story, Al Jazeera America has not commented on -- nor released a statement about -- the Gore-led lawsuit.

"So Gore is angry with Al Jazeera. It's not because of its slanted, anti-American coverage. No. Gore is angry because he's owed millions of dollars. I guess capitalism wins out even on the left," noted Baker.

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