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Agile-International announces launch of sustainable farming initiative

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Online--Agile-International, a non profit that empowers woman in Mali, West Africa, announces plans to begin it educational program on 2 farms located south of the capital city of Bamako. Women will receive instruction on sustainable farming methods and modern techniques that address climate and soil issues. Profits from the sale of livestock and crops will go toward funding education which Agile believes is a key element for change and future peace in the region. “Women will experience increased autonomy and greater control of their lives,” said Fatou Doumbia, the organizations founder. “It’s a step toward equality for women and a further evolution of women’s rights in .”

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The non-profit organization has partnerships with the Department of Agricultural Science at Colorado State University (CSU) and with the Advanced and Sustainable Enterprise (CASE) division of CSU. “I’m excited to be involved with this project” said Dr. Kraig Peel a professor of animal science as CSU. “We are able to go in and make some changes, not just once, but over a long period of time, because that’s the only way you make change.” Land ownership had traditionally not been an option for women in but Agile hope to change that through women-owned farms. The initiative is designed to change the conditions for women and their daughters, while stimulating the local economy. “Girls will have access to critical educational resources that will allow them to become entrepreneurs in their own right” said Doumbia.

Agile-International is a member of the Colorado Coalition for Africa Empowerment (CCAE). The coalition recently presented Agile-International to Proctor & Gamble and the organization’s work was also highlighted before the United Nations in Sept. 2013.

Doumbia launched Agile-International to raise awareness of sustainable and organic farming, promote education, and provide relief for victims of conflict in . With the help of donations from individuals, businesses and organizations around the world, Agile-International’s newest initiative will empower women in nations adversely affected by climatic, structural and international forces and act as a champion of change for women’s rights.

Doumbia can be reached by phone at 720-227-6208 or via email at For more information, visit the website at