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Afghanistan: Scope and scale

Break it up. Today’s news from Foreign Policy is that the Taliban is filling the vacuum created by Americans having left Afghanistan. The void wasn’t just created by American’s leaving, it was created by Afghanistan people and their government failing to fill the void with their own power and determination. The lackadaisical state of Afghans leaves them swaying in the breeze, and ripe again for another monstrous takeover.

Taliban is trying to regain power in Afghanistan
Majid Saeedi / Getty Images

Afghans are a subset of a much larger problem community that is the Middle East and Arab world. To address the needs of Afghanistan people is best addressed locally as in the adage, “all politics are local”. It is back to the tribes as it were.

The scope and scale of the Islamic jihad against the free world is enormous, however, the battle for hearts and minds is best fought locally? That’s a question because here we are with Israel and Gaza fighting a very local community war. The trouble is that Hamas want to make the war a global one. The way forward is to make it very local.

Israel’s leaders have made overtures to make it local. They have offered Gaza people the option for peace and jobs in contrast with perpetual war framed around ideology. Hamas leaders are trying to claim that a larger set of people belong in the small space of Gaza than will fit. It is already unsustainable as is.

The extreme ideological views of Hamas don’t fit the solution set that many Gaza citizens are seeking. That is why Hamas is the wrong voice for Gazans.

In a similar manner, Taliban is the wrong voice of citizens of Afghanistan. When the Taliban was in power before, they picked a fight that resulted in Afghanistan being at war and losing. The Taliban should have been destroyed completely but it found safe haven in Pakistan. Now, they are trying to return as the Americans and allies have left.

The Afghanistan government seems to have lost its focus. That is because it is corrupt and easily corruptible. Maybe a better strategy for the free world to employ in addressing these problems is to adopt one community at a time. Break the problem into smaller and more manageable pieces. Work to develop and educate a population that is capable of leading by example and becoming sustainable.

That may not always be possible because the ratio of people to resources won’t allow it. That is why the free world must be selective to pick communities in which they have the highest probability for success.

“Taliban Making Advances As U.S. Withdraws; Mob Violence Kills Three Ahmadis In Pakistan; Three Dead In Indian Communal Clashes

JULY 28, 2014


Taliban making advances as U.S. withdraws

The Taliban are making advances as the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan according to two new reports in the New York Times one by Azam Ahmed and the other by Carlotta Gall and Taimoor Shah (NYT, NYT). According to Ahmed, the Taliban have extended their reach beyond their traditional safe havens and now control crucial highways surrounding Kabul. One Western official told Ahmed, "They are running a series of tests right now at the military level, seeing how people respond" continuing, "They are trying to figure out: Can they do it now, or will it have to wait." Gall reports that a sudden Taliban offensive in Kandahar province has caused protracted fighting and the Taliban overran a district center near the border with Pakistan.

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