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Adult film industry star arrested on animal cruelty charges

Adult film industry star busted by PETA for animal cruelty in fetish movies.
Adult film industry star busted by PETA for animal cruelty in fetish movies.
ABC News WPLG 10

Adult film industry star Stephanie Hird, screen name Megan Jones, was arrested on April 16 and charged with five felony counts of animal cruelty. Hird, 29, committed these vicious crimes in fetish videos; shooting rabbits, decapitating chickens and setting rats on fire.

PETA Cruelty Case Work Director Stephanie Bell supervised the investigation into Hird’s crimes. According to Bell, Hird used a pellet gun in a pornographic “crush” video to shoot a rat that had been restrained. Pornographic “crush” videos are ones that have women who are scantily dressed torturing, stomping or impaling animals to death while engaging in sexual acts.

Bell stated, “She reloaded the gun multiple times during the ordeal. The animal can be seen writhing on the ground after being shot, clearly suffering. It’s utterly gruesome.”

In addition to Hird, adult film industry actress Sara Zamora, 28, had been previously arrested on eight felony counts of animal cruelty for the same types of videos. These sick videos were featured on a website called “SOS Barn.” The Zamora arrest warrant stated that she was accused of “repeatedly cutting a chicken’s neck using hedge clippers” while groping a man’s genitals.”

Bell went on to say, “They’re the most horrific videos we’ve ever seen. The perpetrators showed absolutely no mercy to their victims. It’s hard to understand to find why people would find pleasure in that.”

Should she be convicted, Hird faces seven years in prison. The investigation into Hird began after a member of the public contacted PETA to report the fetish flicks in 2012. Bell added, “If it had not been for the one concerned citizen who contacted PETA after finding these videos, the suspects would still be at large and animals would still be tortured.”

“The good news is the people who post this kind of activity online can be found. They can be prosecuted and they can be stopped.”

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