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Adorable baby and photobombing rescue dog delights thousands on Instagram

"It will be okay, Carter. I'm here to support you my friend," whispered Toby the dog.
"It will be okay, Carter. I'm here to support you my friend," whispered Toby the dog.
Devin Crouch Facebook

Devin Crouch may not be a professional photographer, but she has certainly captured many adorable moments of her blonde toddler and his devoted rescue pooch showcasing their amazing pictures on Instagram reports Tuesday's Indystar.

The Indiana stay-at-home mom, just like most of us when our babies are growing so quickly, has taken lots and lots of photos of baby Carter. Each time, however Devin noticed that the family's rescue dog,Toby had photobombed all of the pictures. So instead of deleting the floppy eared canine, Devin decided to keep them together in her photo memories. And that's when her Instagram account took flight - called "Carter and Toby." Each picture was cuter than the next.

When Devin posted one of Carter and Toby's photos on Dogs of Instagram, the adorable baby and his devoted dog's popularity soared in the enthusiastic world of social media. Foreign publications picked up the dashing duo in costumes, holding balloons, sleeping together, nuzzling, and even playing toddler baseball. According to mom, the bond between baby and dog happened soon after Carter's birth. No matter where the baby went, Toby's watchful eye was not far away.

And yes, Toby is a rescue dog. The family adopted him in 2011, and within two weeks he became part of the family. When Carter came along, Toby's life just got better, but there's a message here that Devin wants everyone to read:

"My dream would be to publish a book so we could pass along profits or portions of it to help rescue. This is so good to show people that he is a rescue dog, but he's good with kids."

Thumbs up to Devin for spreading the news about rescue animals. They are the best, and what better testimonial could there be than a little boy cuddled up next to his faithful dog?

Devin has over 25,000 followers; from here we hope more people read about and decide to support and adopt rescue pets.

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