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Adele baby name mystery solved? Singer drops big hint

The Adele baby name mystery may finally be solved. Three months after giving birth, the British singer has yet to confirm the name of her little boy. But today (Wednesday) she was photographed in Los Angeles wearing a necklace with the name "Angelo" on it -- dropping the biggest hint yet at her son's moniker.

Did Adele finally reveal the name of her son?
Getty Images

The photos of Adele's necklace are pretty blurry, but sources further confirm Angelo is her baby's name. "Those close to Adele have been told the baby is called Angelo. We’re not sure of the significance of the name," A British source was quoted as telling The Sun.

Adele makes it clear she does things on her own time -- including announcing her pregnancy at 7 months along. And it was just last week, at the Golden Globes, when she refused to reveal her son's name saying it was too personal and she wasn't ready. "She’s wanted to keep it quiet, but it was always going to come out sooner or later," the source says. "Wearing an Angelo necklace not only backs up what is being said, it suggests she’s not worried about people finding out.”

On Tuesday, it was confirmed Adele will perform at the Oscars on Feb., 24. Given the new speculation over her baby's name, it's likely the singer will be pressed about the meaning of her Angelo necklace at the upcoming awards show. However, it remains to be seen if the she'll finally solve the Adele baby name mystery or if she'll continue to let her hints speak for themselves.


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