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'Activist investors' try to bully Amazon into dropping 'bump fire' stocks

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Saturday's marking of the passage of one year since the atrocity of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre predictably brought with it a furious barrage of forcible citizen disarmament zealots hoping (again) to exploit the victims, in furtherance of the gun ban agenda. While all of these efforts are obviously morally reprehensible, some, in addition to being contemptible, are very odd, as well.

Reuters reports one of the stranger ones:

Activist investors have asked Inc to review its sales of firearms accessories, concerned that the online retailer offers products that could be used to convert semi-automatic rifles into weapons that fire too rapidly to be legal.

Hmm . . . "fire too rapidly to be legal"? Since no federal law (or, to this correspondent's knowledge, no law at any level, anywhere in the U.S.) imposes a "speed limit" on semi-automatic fire, this would seem to indicate that these investors are accusing Amazon of selling fully-automatic conversion kits--a violation of federal law that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives loves to prosecute (the BATFE imprisoned David Olofson because a rifle he loaned out malfunctioned in a way that caused it to fire more than one round per trigger pull). Amazon is hardly likely to take that kind of risk.

As it turns out, that's not quite what the investors are claiming:

The activists said in the letter that they were not suggesting the company is violating U.S. laws. "Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned that these product offerings allow your customers to increase the lethality of their weapons and to effectively convert semi-automatic weapons into machine guns, which are illegal under U.S. law," states the letter.

Ah . . . "to 'effectively' convert semi-automatic weapons into machine guns," with "effectively" in this context basically meaning "not really." What they are referring to here are "bump fire" stocks, like the Fostech Outdoors "Bumpski" and "DefendAR-15," and the Slide Fire SSAR-15 (also known as the "Slide Iron" stock, at least among clueless anti-gun U.S. Senators from California).

These stocks, as the "activist investors" themselves admit, have been found by the BATFE to be fully in compliance with U.S. law, as they do nothing to change the fact that the trigger must be pulled for each round fired, meaning of course that the firearm remains semi-automatic. The investors, like Senator Feinstein (D-CA), know full well that the stocks are completely legal, but are simply being petulant because the law has not been changed to "correct" that situation.

Note that neither the investors nor Sen. Feinstein have bothered to cite one killing committed with a bump-fire stock-equipped firearm, nor any crime of any sort. There is probably a good reason for that (no such crime available to cite).

They also object to Amazon's inventory including "a lever for the AR-15 that 'allows you to lock the bolt back and release the bolt with just a slight movement of your trigger finger which significantly improves the speed and efficiency of reloads.'" That would be the Tactical Link "Enhanced Battery Assist Lever," and presumably the similar Magpul B.A.D. Lever (by the way, does any reader have any advice on which of these two levers would be preferable for the author's AR-15?). Again, neither of these accessories is even remotely illegal--but that's not the point. They simply want to harm anyone connected with the gun industry--want their employees' children to go homeless and hungry.

This "economic Waco" approach to "gun control" is becoming an increasingly favored weapon (the linked-to article, from the far-left New Republic, compares gun manufacturers to the apartheid government of South Africa's unfortunate history) in the forcible citizen disarmament lobby's arsenal, with gun-hating Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel putting his power behind such efforts at the beginning of the year, and JP Morgan Chase--a bank with fascinating ties to the BATFE--trying to stuff the genie of 3-D printed guns back into the bottle.

The other side despises us, with a hatred that transcends life and death. They want us dead, but failing that, they will hurt us any way they can. If that reduces them to economic violence against the gun industry, and even anyone remotely connected to the industry, they will happily use that weapon.

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