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Activision CEO: What comes from Treyarch will 'come out of the creative process'

Could Treyarch's next game be a new direction for 'Call of Duty'?
Could Treyarch's next game be a new direction for 'Call of Duty'?

We recently had a chance to speak at length with Activision's Eric Hirshberg, where we talked about popular franchises like Skylanders and Call of Duty. We asked Hirshberg whether we'd see a new sub-franchise from Treyarch, and this is what he had to offer.

It really depends on their creative process. Part of the strategy is to allow each developer the maximum amount of freedom to make a great game.

He went on to speak about Infinity Ward, who is currently working on Call of Duty: Ghosts. He stated that their Modern Warfare sub-series had completed its story arc over the course of three games and that they had wanted to continue in a new direction, introducing a new narrative alongside a fresh cast of characters. This was a decision that Activision stood behind, leading to the creation of Ghosts.

I think that gamers seem to be excited about it as well. As to what comes next from Treyarch, that'll come out of the creative process.

While this may not be a confirmation that Treyarch is in fact working on a new sub-series, it means that at least the possibility is there. Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to launch on November 5th for currently released consoles, and will be available at launch for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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