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According to police, dog that bit 4-year-old autistic boy will be euthanized

Dog chased by heroine cat Tara will be euthanized
Dog chased by heroine cat Tara will be euthanized
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The dog seen attacking a young boy in a home surveillance video that went viral will die for it's actions, 23ABC News reported May 14.

This Examiner article covered the story yesterday.

According to police, the dog, an 8-month-old lab/chow mix, will be euthanized following a 10 day hold, which is required by law.

The decision to euthanize the dog has met with a lot of critisizm from the animal advocate community. They believe the dog was improperly trained by the owner, leaving it to misbehave when it was off leash. The owner obviously couldn't handle the responsibility that comes with keeping their dog safe, as well as those the dog meets in the community.

In the surveillance video, Erica Triantafilo, the mother of 4-year-old Jeremy, can be seen running around the video after the attack. Perhaps the dog was coming back, in which case it was good that she made sure the dog retreated a safe distance, so she could tend to her injured son.

There have been several recent attacks where more concern was given the dog that the victim. In one case, a mother was upset because people blamed the child, even though the child did nothing to provoke the animal.

Do you believe the animal should be punished, since the dog was running off leash, and most likely received little or no training by its owner?

How do the readers here feel? Should the dog pay for an attack with it's life? Or should there be a chance offered to rehome the dog to someone who knows a bit about dog training and behavior?

Your comments are welcome.

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