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Aborted, miscarried babies used as heating fuel in UK hospital incinerators

Aborted babies used as heating fuel in UK hospital. They incinerate the remains with waste and use this for heat.
Aborted babies used as heating fuel in UK hospital. They incinerate the remains with waste and use this for heat.
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Thousands of aborted and miscarried babies are used for heating fuel when hospitals in the UK incinerates their remains. This disturbing reveal comes out of the investigative reporting of a news channel in the UK, according to the New York Daily News on March 24.

Ten of Britain’s National Health Care Service trusts admit to the practice of incinerating the remains of miscarried and aborted babies along with other hospital waste and using this as a heating source. This has been going on for the last two years.

Fox showed a clip from an interview from this UK news channel, which revealed this practice. The interview with a mother who had lost her baby to a miscarriage was disturbing to see. She asked the nurse what will become of her baby’s remains after she had the miscarriage. The nurse told her the fetus would be incinerated with the rest of the day’s waste. Needless to say the mother was devastated, but the hospital offered no other option.

Cremation is an excepted form of disposing of remains, but bodies are not burned in a heap and they certainly aren’t used as fuel to heat the buildings. Hospitals admit “lumping” together the dead unborn babies with the other hospital waste and burning them all together.
Two of the hospitals admitted to generating heat for the “waste-to-energy plants” by burning the human remains.

Between the years of 2011 and 2013, the “waste to energy” plant at Ipswich Hospital is said to have used 1,101 remains. The plant, which is privately owned, was allegedly using another hospital’s waste to generate heat, without Ipswich’s knowledge.

Greg Gutfeld, of Fox’s “Five at Five,” told parents in the viewing audience to get the kids away from the TV before the panel discussed this story on Monday. Gutfeld was deeply disturbed by this reveal, as were the others on this panel. He asked when did flesh become fuel for those of us lucky enough to live? This use of fetus fuel is something that many find hard to comprehend on so many levels.

Gutfeld , brought up the movie “Soylent Green,” a movie from 1973 which was very disturbing to wrap your head around decades ago.

The movie was set in the future and everyone ate “Soylent Green,” which was provided by the government of the overpopulated future world. “Soylent Green” turned out to be the processed remains of the dead.

Any way you look at the UK hospital’s “waste to energy” fuel choice, it is just wrong, very wrong.

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