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ABC receives backlash over ‘Killer Women’ episode switch and cancellation

Tuesday night’s episode of the ABC police drama “Killer Women” caused some viewers to not only scratch their heads and try to recall the previous episode but also ignited sharp backlash on social media. The series is produced by Sophia Vergara and was adapted from a South America police drama. The series follows female Texas Ranger Molly Parker (Tricia Helfer) who is somewhat of a renegade in the Texas law enforcement circles. Not only does she track down murders but she’s in the midst of a nasty divorce from an abusive politician husband. On February 11, the previous episode to air, we saw Helfer’s character Molly waiting to run off with her DEA agent boyfriend (Marc Blucas) who at the same time was about to arrest her brother (Michael Trucco) for smuggling drugs for the Mexican cartel. When the show aired Tuesday night the sixth episode “Demons” should have been the next episode in chronological order, however the seventh episode “Daughter of the Alamo” aired instead. So if the more than 3 million viewers tuning in saw the first 10 seconds of the show where the previous episode is recapped they were of course a little puzzled.

The police drama produced by Sophia Vergara "Killer Women" has been canceled by ABC. The network upset viewers when it pulled an episode switch which turned out to be the final episode to air.
Tricia Helfer plays a badass Texas Ranger in "Killer Women" on ABC.
Bob D'Amico/ABC

It would appear that when ABC decided to pull “Killer Women” they swapped the episode because “Daughter of the Alamo” would have made for a better finale to the series than the planned episode. In “Daughter of the Alamo” it wrapped up Molly’s contentious divorce from her abusive husband with a showdown in court, however it did leave viewers wondering how the characters got to that point. The episode that didn’t air presumably would have showed us many details that would have made Tuesday’s episode make sense. How did Molly’s brother go from being arrested to becoming a DEA informant on the cartels? Also why did Molly break up with her boyfriend?

The Alphabet Network made the decision to pull the limited series early due to consistently low ratings. “Killer Women” premiered on January 7, 2014 with 3.96 million viewers tuning in. The viewership would continue to drop over the next four episodes. Besides leaving viewers confused and a bit ticked off, they didn’t bother to edit the episode to attempt to make sense of things. ABC hasn’t said if or when the unaired episodes will be made available on

Tuesday night angry and confused viewers took to the show’s Facebook page to voice their frustration with ABC.

Upset viewers wrote;

Melissa Loyd To decide to skip episodes makes no sense at all. So tired of having the show's I like getting canned. Tricia Helfer is awesome. Abc, you suck!

Shawne Blake I can't believe ABC executives get paid ridiculous salaries to make dumb *ss decisions!Why would they skip an episode ?Perhaps because the fans of this show mean so little to them. I agree with another fan, I won't be watching Mindgames. All the executives on all the channels are so out of touch with viewers. They need to realize that they can't win the ratings war every time; respect the diversity of your audience and let us watch the programs WE actually find meaningful. They should at least make the missing episode available.

Daniel Eagan ABC must want a war on women killer women is a great show. Don't cancel it I won't be watching mind games with steve zahn either. Does abc even promote killer women I don't think they do it that well. what do you expect. Get rid of some reality shows. and keep this show on dummies.

Lynn Pocock So disappointed when I started to watch...will we get the missing episodes??? This was the lamest thing ever! What about all the fans who have faithfully watched week after week??? We deserve better!

There were literally several dozen comments very similar to those above when I last counted. “Killer Women” is being replaced by a new drama starring Christian Slater and Steve Zahn called “Mind Games”. If you would like to add your voice to chorus of displeasure with ABC’s episode switch debacle here is a link to the show’s Facebook page.

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