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'A Rose By Any Other Name' web series

The bisexual groundbreaking Web series, "A Rose By Any Other Name," is now on the Internet and involves a young woman's exploration of her sexuality and her acknowledgement that she may be bisexual. The series is written, directed and co-starring an out bisexual director, Kyle Schickner, and includes an eclectic cast of up-and-coming actors, some who are out as bisexual.

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* Kyle Schickner is from New Jersey, much like Kevin Smith. Schickner came out as bi in New Jersey, close to the same areas that Smith filmed many of his movies, such as "Clerks."

* Schickner's first movie was a low-budget version of "A Rose By Any Other Name," which was being made before Smith's very similar "Chasing Amy" was completed.

* Schickner's other movies: "Steam," "Paradise Lost," "Full Frontal," "Strange Fruit,"


Stephanie Reibel (Rose) Guest starred in "Monk" and "Two and a Half Men" and is on a recurring role in FOX show "Sons of Tucson." She plays a blind woman in the upcoming film "April Moon." Also watch out for her in "The Legend of Awesome Maximus."

Fay Wolf (Veronica) Her extensive credits include: "Ghost Whisperer," "NCIS: Los Angeles," "Bones" and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" as well as the upcoming "HappyThankYouMorePlease" and "Off the Ledge"

Kristen Howe (Jo) She has an extensive theater background, including "Chess" and "On the Town" opposite Sam Harris and Nell Carter and she's in the upcoming film "Dire Wolf"

Jaime Michaels (Holly) She made her feature film debut in Schickner's horror movie "Paradise Lost" and she can be seen in "The Green Faerie" and "Subway Cafe"

Steph Davis (Chris) A stage performer who was the artistic director of Orange Curtain Theater

Kyle Schickner (Anthony) Primarily a writer and director, but you can catch him in "Sister's Keeper," "Knock, Knock" and his own "Full Frontal"

Jay Burns (Marc) He was in the original film version of this movie, and has since been on "ER" and "Mad Men"

Oren Skoog (Eric) Starred in several indie films like "Relic of Cthulu" and "Transylmania" and had memorable guest appearances on "The Gilmore Girls" and "Las Vegas"

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Episode 1 "A pair of star-cross'd lovers"

Check out the second season of the series here:


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