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A Memorial Day thank you to all who died in the fight for freedom

Thank you to those lost in the name of freedom
Thank you to those lost in the name of freedom
Photo by Paul Morigi

Memorial Day may now be seen as the unofficial beginning of summer but it is a day that people should be reflecting more than just the glistening sunrays off of the beach. With so many men, women and yes, even dogs, lost serving to keep us safe, Memorial Day is meant to be a day of reflection, when we remember those who gave their lives to keep our nation free.

Thank you to all who have given their life in the name of freedom.

As one enjoys the beach, ballgames and barbeques on Memorial Day, the day off from work and school is more than just a beginning of a fun summer season. As the sun shines brightly I give thanks to all who have died fighting for this nations freedom so I may enjoy this lovely day. Memorial Day is meant to remember and give thanks to all who gave their lives for the cause of freedom. Not only should we be remembering those who signed up to serve but on this day it is also important to remember the civilians who gave their lives as well.

The many lost in 9/11 should be memorialized on this day as well. The first responders and civilians lost rushing into the buildings to save people, and the brave civilians who gave their lives downing a hijacked plane should also be remembered on this day. Those who may not of been in this country but gave their own lives to save future Americans by hiding Jews and sympathizers during the Holocaust should be honored as well on Memorial Day.

Although we may not be the same race or practice the same religion, or even were all born on United States soil, we all bleed the same color blood to fight to keep our nation's people free. As the parade passes by I stand tall and salute to all marching to honor those lost to keep our nation safe.

Thank you on this lovely Memorial Day to those who lost their lives in order to give another day to relish and enjoy our freedoms that are so often taken for granted.

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