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A Final Two all but confirmed for next week's 'Survivor: Cagayan' Finale

Let the blindsides and surprises continue: Based on the newest video promo released today by CBS, the two-hour "Survivor: Cagayan" Finale will feature a Final Two for the first time since "Survivor: Tocantins," the show's 18th season that aired in the Spring of 2009.

Survivor: Cagayan.
Photo courtesy of CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

This twist could royally screw up the chances of this year's master strategist, Tony Vlachos, who just created a lie to use his Idol to at least get him to the Final Three. But just like the old days, the winner of the Final Immunity Challenge will literally get to choose who he/she sits next to at the end of the game. Spencer's chances just got more difficult as well, since he is thought to be a shoe-in to win should he reach the Finals. We had thought that he was only one Immunity Challenge win away from making it, but now he will probably have to tie the long-standing Survivor record - set by Kelly Wigglesworth back in Season 1 - of four straight Immunity wins if he plans on getting to the end.

Long-time fans of the show will know that a Final Two is the way that the first 12 seasons were structured. It first went to a Final Three in Season 13, "Survivor: Cook Islands," returning to a Final Two only twice more with "Survivor: Micronesia" and "Survivor: Tocantins." "Survivor: Cagayan" will mark the 15th time out of 28 seasons that there will be a Final Two instead of Three, even though a Final Three has been the norm for over five years.

So how do we know that there is a Final Two and not a Final Three? Consider the evidence.

First, in his weekly Q&A with Dalton Ross for, Jeff Probst was quoted as saying the following:

As for the finale itself, still more surprises to come regarding how it finishes and two of the most exciting challenges of any finale."

Two challenges you say? This is all but confirmed in the video promo that shows the graphic "3 Tribal Councils." Lastly, in a possible slip up in an interview with's Gordon Holmes, Trish had this exchange:

Hegarty: I think he thought that if he was standing next to me in that final two that he would not have beaten me against a disgruntled jury. I didn’t have any enemies in the jury. He was thinking that I was friends with them and they were really angry with him. It might not have been based on who played the game and been a popularity contest and he didn’t want to take that risk.
Holmes: Is it a final two this season?
Hegarty: A final three. Or whatever it is."

So how will this new, old-school twist play out? It's just another fascinating twist in what has been an overwhelmingly satisfying season of Survivor.

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