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A company proposes a weird twist on a summer drink: Sunscreen

One company doesn’t want you to ever worry about missing a spot when applying sunscreen again. They’ve made the product drinkable. The potable product claims to provide protection that would be similar to a SPF 30 lotion.

One company wants you to get your sun protection from a drink
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Osmosis Skincare’s press release for UV Neutralizer Harmonized water says the product uses purified water that has been imprinted with “unique vibrational waves” that isolate the frequencies needed to protect the drinker from UV rays.

And that’s not just one variety of drink; there’s two. You can toss back Tan Enhancing or No Tan Enhancing in a 3.38-ounce bottle, but it’ll put you back about $30. Each serving is 2ML and is suggested to be consumed with about 2 ounces of water. That amount should provide three hours of protection from the sun’s rays.

But since all people are different and their bodies can process things in different ways, the founder of Osmosis Skincare noted to The Huffington Post that a person’s weight can affect how long the product will last.

The FDA has not approved the company’s claims but founder Dr. Ben Johnson (who is not a doctor of dermatology) says he and his team have tested the product. Still, experts are skeptical, as they should be when the only active ingredients are “distilled water and multiple vibrational frequency blends.” New York Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Krant stated that even though some oral antioxidants can provide some sun protection, its not a significant amount, and the fact that this product that hasn’t been scientifically reviewed makes it seem dubious at best.

Another doctor of dermatology posed the question: Why would you take something that could affect your whole body when the issue is just a surface issue?

Do you think the product is as sketchy as it sounds, or do you have faith in vibrational frequency blends?

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