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A change of plans for the sfSoundSalonSeries

Jim Ryan reciting his poetry
Jim Ryan reciting his poetry
by Carly Hoopes, courtesy of Joe Lasqo

At the beginning of this season, I announced that sfSound would be hosting the sfSoundSalonSeries, a bi-weekly schedule of concerts at the Center for New Music. At that time I was able to provide details for the recitals planned for September and October, but the best way to keep up with plans has been through a schedule maintained on a Web page of the sfSound Web site. However, a life in the performing arts is a life of uncertainty; and, within days of releasing that schedule, I had to amend the article with word that the coming September program had been cancelled.

Given the density of my own schedule, I continue to use this site to keep track of dates I should be saving, knowing full well that changes will occur. Such a change led to a cancellation of Stephane Ginsburgh’s appearance this coming Tuesday. However series curator Matt Ingalls has arranged for an alternative program that is likely to be just as adventurous and appealing. In substitution for a single guest artist, the evening will be divided into two sets, each about one hour in duration, as follows:

  1. 7:49 p.m.: The first set will be taken by multimedia artist Lana Voronina, who divides her time between Oakland and Iceland. She has an ongoing solo electronic music project that she calls LANACANE (using a tube of the anti-chafing gel as the cover photograph for her Facebook site). Her performance promises to be one of solo piano improvisations combined with sampled sound, beats, and other imaginative electronics.
  2. 9 p.m.: The second set will present Green Alembic, an eight-piece improvisational chamber ensemble organized by Jim Ryan. Ryan is a wind player, but he also plays amplified kalimba. In addition, he often incorporates readings of his own poetry and displays of his own graphic art. The other performers will be Christina Stanley (violin), Doug Carroll (cello), Jason Hoopes (bass), Joe Lasqo (piano), Michael Cooke (bassoon and Chinese sheng), Jeff Hobbs (violin, alto clarinet, and cornet), and Ron Heglin (trombone and voice).

The Center for New Music is located at 55 Taylor Street, about half a block north of the intersection with Market Street. Admission will be $15 with $10 for members of the Center. Information about membership may be found on the Membership Web page of the Center’s Web site.