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A brief look at the alien abduction of author Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is a well known author, he wrote such books like the vampire novel, "The Hunger." That was made into a successful 80s vampire movie, he's also known for "Wolfen." Strieber wrote several other works too. But were not looking at his career, instead were looking at happened to the author in 1985.

He was vacationing with his wife and son, it was during the Christmas season. The family was staying in an cabin in the Northern part of New York State. A secluded and comfortable place to spend the holidays, or so they thought.

One night while he was in his bedroom, he saw something strange. The next thing that happened to him, he was being abducted. He had lost what happened to him, but with the help of Dr. Donald Klein, Strieber remembered exactly what happened to him.

He recalled seeing different shapes and types of aliens. He also was in their ship, where they did a number of medical procedures to him. One procedure according to reports, was the aliens inserted a long needle directly in his brain.

The 1989 film, "Communion" starred Christopher Walken, and was based on Strieber's book with the same name. The film and book is based off of his own experiences.

Strieber and his wife Anne run the website, "Unknown Country."

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