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A beautiful makeup application begins with healthy and radiant skin

Glowing skin
Kelly Kirby

As a professional makeup artist, I am stunned by the number of women that dedicate little or no time to a regular skin care regimen. According to a survey conducted by The International Dermal Institute, the average female consumer spends less than 20 seconds actually cleansing her face each day. (male consumers are spending less than 20 seconds!)

Although I earn my living using makeup and cosmetic products to enhance a woman's beauty, the overall outcome is greatly affected by the condition of the skin. In fact, if you take time to properly cleanse and moisturize, you will find that you will not need to apply a lot of makeup.

Women frequently engage my services specifically to learn how to hide imperfections in the skin such as enlarged pores and cover up lack-luster skin using color cosmetics. In 100% of these client consultations, it is revealed that skin care and maintenance are not a priority, with most not taking the time to remove makeup prior to going to bed each night.

The skin is the body's largest organ and typically the first place to show signs of health imbalance or improper diet. In addition to being the largest organ, skin is located on the exterior of the body and acts as a barrier against environmental stressors and infections. When a daily skin care regimen, specific to skin type is followed, it is much easier to understand your specific skin care needs. This knowledge also aids in detecting changes to the skin and can help determine the cause and ultimately prevent future skin issues.

Cleansing and Moisturizing

Properly cleansed and moisturized skin is the foundation for a healthy, radiant complexion at every age and stage of life. Unfortunately, the mindset with skin care seems to be just the opposite - react to unwanted changes or aging of skin instead of maintenance and prevention of such issues.

Adopting a healthy skin care regimen in the early teen years is crucial to preventing or minimizing hormonal breakouts and the emotional and self-esteem issues related to acneic skin. These good skin care habits should be carried into the 20's including daily application of moisturizer and eye cream at night and a light moisturizer with sun protection during the day.

Cleansing the skin before bed each night is one of the most crucial factors in maintaining youthful looking skin. During the day skin is prone to collecting a layer of sebum, sweat and pollutants that can clog pores, cause breakouts and also prevent moisturizers or anti-aging products from effectively penetrating skin. At night the skin is in “repair mode” allowing moisturizers and anti-aging products that are applied to properly cleansed skin to produce maximum results.


During the aging process, cell renewal rates begin to slow down causing the surface of the skin to look dull and sallow due to buildup of dead skin cells. Gentle exfoliation of the skin sloughs off dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal rates to improve the skins tone and texture. Exfoliants that are formulated with AHA’s or BHA’s are preferred over grainy products and cosmetic scrubs. AHA’s and BHA’s are chemical exfoliants that can penetrate the skin and produce faster results than physical scrubs which only affect the outermost layer of skin.

Check back soon for an upcoming article entitled, "Skin care in your 20's, 30's, 40's and beyond"

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