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$80,000 stolen dogs in Florida. Missing French bulldogs shocking

French bulldogs compete on the opening day of the 127th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show February 10, 2003 at Madison Square Garden in NYC
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

$80,000 in stolen dogs is not a typo; this strange news story took place in Florida on New Year's Eve. Miami police say thieves stole an award-winning French bulldog and puppies from a man's residence. A missing animal's report was filed for the highly-pedigreed dogs, likely stolen for the thriving animal trade, citing a Jan. 3 Reuters report via Yahoo News .

The French bulldog and pups, worth $80,000 were stolen from dog owner, Marcelo Cicuta, who was out, like many other Floridians, celebrating New Year's 2014.

When the man returned, missing were his prized dogs: EL Che, the French bulldogs, and a litter of 15 puppies, no more than 16 and 27 days old. Ironically, the dog bandits left a third litter -- five puppies and two adult female dogs -- behind.

They targeted the $80,000 in stolen dogs, overlooked the others, or didn't have enough manpower on hand to carry away the hapless animals. Police say the dog-pirates likely used a pillowcase to haul away the French bulldogs.

The French bulldog, El Che is named after Che Guevara, who was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, doctor, writer, guerrilla leader, and military theorist, among other things during the Cuban Revolution. The dog has many awards under its belt, one of which includes a prize at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 2010.

According to police, here is a breakdown in value of the $80,000 in stolen dogs the Florida heist: El Che is reportedly worth $50,000, while the puppies altogether can demand prices upwards of $2,500 apiece.

However, sources say the thieves didn't make off with the AKC papers, thus leaving them to fetch prices on the black market, far below true value.

Still, because the species of dogs are the third most commonly stolen breeds in America, the money earned in the illegal sale can still be lucrative to those responsible in the theft.

More to come on the French bulldog, pups worth $80,000 stolen in Florida story.


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