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7 apps to help create that perfect Halloween party

Halloween is a good time to party
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Throughout the year there are always reasons to throw parties. Hallow those is one of those special times that makes throwing a party extra fun. It is the one day that adults are allowed to set their imagination free and act young again. We can get creative in our decorating with carved pumpkins, scary wall hangings and colorful falling centerpieces for the dinning room. There is dressing up as our favorite celebrities, monster or just making up our own creation.

Of course we can always use some help. Luckily there are plenty of apps that we can turn to for that help. The following list is just a few of the best ones out there to give you ideas to make your Halloween party a spookfest to remember:

  1. Halloween pumpkin carver is a free app for both android-based devices and Kindle Fire. With this app you can use your fingers to create your own designer Jack-o-lantern. Once it meets your approval you can either carve the design onto a real pumpkin on just save it to the photo gallery on your mobile device.

  2. Happy Halloween pumpkin maker is a free app for you iPad, iPod or iPhone that will let you create your Jack-o-lantern. Unlike the android-based app listed above this app provides 7 different backgrounds, various eyes, pumpkin shapes, noses and everything you need to be creative with your pumpkin designing.

  3. For any Halloween party having scary sound effects are a must. Halloween sounds is a free app for both android-based devices and Kindle Fire that provide you with 145 spooky Halloween sounds add chill to your party.

  4. Halloween sounds pro is a free app for your iPad, iPod and iPhone for all your scare sound effects.

  5. Halloween costume ideas is an app for both android-based devices and Kindle Fire that will provides plenty of ideas to create the ultimate costume. The app does cost $1.99.

  6. What is Hallow without a few ghost. Ghost radar legacy is an app for android-based devices, iOs devices and Kindle Fire that will allow you to amaze your friends when you track down ghosts in the room.

  7. No party would be complete without food. Halloween recipes is a free app for your android-based devices and Kindle Fire that will provide you with plenty of recipes for appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

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