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66-pound girl overweight: School labels athletic girl overweight

To hear that a 66-pound girl is considered overweight sounds insane because it is. A school district in New York City sent home letters with students and were instructed not to read them; they were intended to go to their parents.

A report out by MyFoxNY, reveals that Gwendolyn Williams is 4'1" and 66 pounds. An athletic student at her school, the 9-year-old girl was labeled as overweight by the Department of Education in a FitnessGram. The notices are citywide.

Gwendolyn's BMI read 19, which is described as just outside "average." The FitnessGram recommends the 66-pound girl get more exercise. The funny thing is, she gets more than enough of that.

Gwendolyn's mother, Laura Williams, was astounded at the letter she received from the school. Her daughter has high self-esteem, but for the first time saw her daughter jiggle her thighs and pull the skin around her mid-section asking, "Is this what they mean?."

It wasn't just Gwendolyn who peeked at the FitnessGram she took home to her mother. She had other friends who read their negative results as well. As Laura Williams said, the very least the school should have done in this case, is mail the letters to parents and not have students serve them.

How can a 66-pound girl be overweight? What's your take on the BMI measurement system?

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