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6 San Francisco cops charged with serious crimes

Reported today, Feb. 28, six San Francisco police officers have pleaded not guilty against federal indictment charges for drug dealing, extortion and theft.

San Francisco officers betray public trust in alleged crimes
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

City Police Chief, Greg Suhr said during a press conference this morning that these charges bring disgrace. Not to the charged officers but for the public and the hard working law abiding officers.

"I am not sure it gets any worse than this, unless it involves injury or death," said Suhr. "The public trust is betrayed and betrays all other officers who work hard everyday."

The video shown here was taken in 2010, allegedly exhibits the San Francisco cops named in the indictment partaking in an aggressive attack of a bystander once they broke into a room without legal warrant. The officers were in the Tenderloin district when entering the room. Apparently there were many videos in 2011 released by the Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

Wednesday all six officers names were released. Reynaldo Vargas who is a former police officers, but was dismissed in 2012. While the other five were current police officers, and have since been on leave with their guns taken away; Ian Furminger, Edmond Robles, Arshad Razzak, Richard Yick, and Raul Eric Elias.

Prosecutors are charging them with concealing items from police records that were taken from suspects, drug trafficking, sacking illegal money and abusing civil rights. Police Chief, Greg Suhr has a point -- unless someone's life is at stake, this is about the next unpleasant thing.

According to reports, a total maximum sentence of 30 years, plus a $1.2 million fines could be dealt among the defendants.

Guess just because an officer is wearing a badge, and passed their exams doesn't mean they can't slip out of their sworn obligations, and responsibilities to protect and uphold the law. Besides years of investigative work to track down cops that have gone rogue, what other procedures can police chambers adopt to detour such illegal actions?

Other defendants Razzak, Yick and Elias are allegedly facing most of the civil rights charges.

Talk about conflict of interest. San Francisco cops arresting potential criminals, then sweeping up the confiscated items into their own personal grab bags, having fun with illegal substances, fixing police records, and abusing arrestees of their civil rights -- sounds like stuff right out of the movies, right? Police totally abusing federal laws.

Friday five of the six San Francisco cops charged with serious crimes are set to appear in court. Vargas, the officer who was dismissed in 2012, apparently was set with a $50,000 bond Thursday and is also facing federal charges.

San Francisco Police Chief, Suhr has been assured further investigations were made into the department to see how invasive these illegal crimes are, but they didn't appear outside the circle of those charged.

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