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5-year-old boy exposes major security flaw in 'Xbox'

A five-year-old boy exposes a major security flaw in “Xbox” while hacking into his dad's “Xbox Live” account, according to an April 5 report in

Kristoffer Von Hassel of San Diego outsmarted the smartest engineers at Microsoft by finding a back entrance to Microsoft's popular “Xbox” gaming system—even though he's just a five-year-old.

After Kristoffer typed an incorrect password for his dad's account, “Xbox” brought up the password verification screen. By pressing the “Space” button a few times, then pressing “Enter, the five-year-old got into his dad's “Xbox” account—and in doing so revealed a major “Xbox” security flaw.

After Kristoffer's parents realized that their five-year-old was hacking into his dad's “Xbox Live” account and playing games that he shouldn't be, his father's first thought was “Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool.”, according to KGTV-TV.

Kirstoffer and his dad, who works in the computer security field, reported the security flaw to Microsoft.

Microsoft, which has now fixed the flaw, now lists Kirstoffer on its website along with other “security researchers” helping to improve the security of online services. Also, as a reward for discovering this security flaw, Microsoft gave the five-year-old Kristoffer four games, a one year subscription to “Xbox Live” and $50.00.

Kristoffer's response to all this attention is “I'm gonna be famous!

“Xbox Live” password account security is a major concern at Microsoft.

Whether you use your “Xbox Live” account on a Microsoft device or on your iPhone or iPad through Microsoft's “Xbox Live” app, Microsoft recommends creating a strong password by putting together a string of uppercase and lowercase letters based on a phrase you know (from a book or song), mixed with numbers and special characters like $ and &. While these tips are good for creating a secure “Xbox Live” password, they can be used to create a secure password for any account.

Microsoft also provides a way to check the strength of your “Xbox Live” password.

Besides creating a strong password, Microsoft recommends that you keep your web browser updated with the most current security fixes, maintain up-to-date virus software and enable browser plishing filters (which protect you from phishing scams).

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