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5 Reasons You Should Have 2 eBay Accounts

It's time you had a second eBay account!
It's time you had a second eBay account!
Anne Zarraonandia

You are a seller on eBay. Perhaps even a long time Power Seller...or a Top Rated Seller. You look for items to resell on eBay and don’t want your potential bidders to see what you’ve bought at dirt cheap prices and turned around to sell to them for top dollar prices. Well, it’s time you have a second eBay account and ID. There are many other reasons you may want to add a second account to your arsenal as well. Here are five reasons you should have two accounts on eBay:

  1. Many eBayers like to buy things with their second account in order to resell using their main account. The second ID allows these purchases to remain private. This is called eBay Arbitrage. One eBay account can be your buying account, the other your selling account.
  2. One eBay account remains your personal account, while the other is your business account. In other words, don’t mix business with pleasure. It won’t be any one’s concern if you love to collect Star Wars memorabilia with one account while selling Johnny Mathis CDs in the other account.
  3. Save money. The first 50 listings are FREE if you are not an eBay store subscriber. You can list some high value, high cost items and save some money in the process! Use the second account to list high dollar items at a real savings!
  4. Split the types of items you sell into 2 different accounts. Perhaps you sell toys in one account and dinnerware in the second account. Your buyers will appreciate that you specialize in their category and not get bogged down while searching for the items they will buy. In other words, specialize.
  5. High profile vs low profile. I’ve been on eBay since 1998. Every feedback is open for review by anyone. My new account was opened just after the first of this year. I have now reached 50 positive feedbacks, but like that I am going “lo pro” with this account. I don’t feel the pressure that I do to keep my top rated seller of the other account. Sounds funny, but people will buy from anyone, provided they get a good deal! Selling questionable items in the new account won’t put your first highly rated account in jeopardy.

TIPS: Make sure you have a unique email address for both accounts. It is completely allowable to have multiple accounts on eBay. It also will be easier to log in and out of accounts if you use multiple browsers. One account can be open in Safari and the other open in Firefox. I do just that for my 2 eBay IDs. If you haven’t tried eBay with multiple accounts, now is a good time to start, top rated seller requirements will be lowering standards in the next few months. It will be easier to achieve the bonus discounts within the eBay rules very soon.


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