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5 important questions

As you move through life, do you wonder about that which you cannot see?
Does your belief system energize or debilitate your existence? The school of thought you live by affects your wellbeing. According to, there are 5 variables to the development of one’s belief system: evidence, tradition, authority, association, revelation.

Heaven awaits; we can already take in its beauty.
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With this article, I challenge you to first compare your answers to my responses to below questions. And, then go through the process of matching the appropriate variable above to your belief. Why might you care to do this? To understand where your belief has come from and how this credence, or lack thereof, powers your life.

Here are 5 important questions to ponder:

What is God?
God is the creator, a celestial power of infinite light.

What is the soul?
The soul is the essence of God glowing within the core of each person; it is the link between each being and the universal whole. Individually, each person’s soul reflects a transcript of one’s spiritual and physical journeys.

What is the spirit?
The spirit is the breath of God that lives within each of us. It is an intangible force that fuels human resilience.

What is spirituality?
Spirituality is the mindful practice of sensing and absorbing the breath of God in one’s physical existence.

What is religion?
Religion is societal fellowship honoring common beliefs with service.

A optimistic belief gifts a person reverence; something bigger than oneself. It motivates you to strive for improvement; it enables a healthier you.

Keep your beliefs in check, if they inspire you to reach higher, build upon them; live your life curious. Your evolution should shape your beliefs!

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