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48 Christians slaughtered by Islamists in Obama's ancestral home while he golfed

Muslim terrorists attacked and took control of Kenya's seaside town of Mpeketoni on Sunday night, slaughtering Kenyan Christians in a brutal rampage. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama arrived in Palm Springs, California on Saturday via Air Force One to spend Sunday, Father's Day, playing golf not discussing the terror being inflicted on his ancestral homeland.

While terrorists attack targets in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and his ancestral home of Kenya, Obama took time out from his fundraising and climate change agenda to play golf, say a number of critics.
Jeff Stern/Getty Images

Kenya’s top police chief, Dave Kimaiyo, told reporters that so far 48 died and dozens were wounded by the jihadists. The attackers are believed to be members of the al-Qaida-affiliate Al-Shabaab. The Somalia-based Islamist group has increased their violent attacks in an effort to get Kenya and other African countries to remove their troops sent to help the weak and corrupt Somali government.

Kenya's Minister of Interior, Joseph Lenku, claims that the Islamists fought a fierce battle with Kenyan police and security forces.

During the weekend in which Iraq cities are falling to radical Sunni Muslims, Nigeria continues to battle Boko Haram, who still hold a number of Nigerian female children, Yemen continues to suffer terrorist attacks including bombings, Obama focused a university graduation commencement speech -- given prior to his golf outing -- on the threat of climate change and, according to his critics, continued his "Chris Rock" impersonation by mocking those who disagree with him.

"This president is facing a Middle East and North Africa exploding before our eyes, yet he's taking shots at his political opponents and pushing his leftist agenda," said former intelligence operative and police official Sid Franes.

"President Obama reportedly avoids discussing his family members in Kenya because of their Muslim background and their Islamic activism," said Franes.

According to journalist and author Jerome Corsi, Barack Obama's half-brother, Malik Obama, attended an Islamic Da’wa Organization conference in Khartoum, Sudan in 2010. A major goal for IDO's memberhip is the exporting of the Saudi Arabian form of radical Islam known as Wahhabist Islam throughout Africa.

Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir, who supervised the IDO conference and is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, was said to be friendly with Malik Obama.

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