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44-pound baby rescued from family: Boy rescued, gets health intervention

A 44-pound baby rescued from a family in Colombia is getting attention for its threat to the child's health. Eight-month-old Santigao had an intervention after his mother -- Eunice Fandino, 39, realized she needed help reversing the damage done. She gave him milk bottles non-stop until he ballooned to the weight of a six-year-old. India Times reported March 21 that Fandino grew concerned for her son's mobility. Due to the amount of fat and folds on his body, he wasn't able to crawl.

"I am worried, first of all because it is difficult to carry him around," Fandino said. "He looks very cute like this but his health is not good. And so I think he should receive treatment so that he is able to get back to his normal weight."

The 44-pound baby rescued from his family was flown from his home in Valledupar to Bogota.Volunteers with Chubby Hearts foundation helped make the baby's transportation possible after his mother called in for help.

Fandino admits it was her "ignorance" that resulted in Santigao's obesity. Her answer to calming him down or to stop his crying was giving him food or milk.

Doctor Salvador Palacio, who is the director of the Chubby Hearts Foundation says the eight-month-old has "metabolic syndrome, in other words progressive weight gain, and he is also suffering from lung problems and anxiety. He is a compulsive eater.We have to subject him to some physical activity therapy programs."

Without intervention, the young child could suffer a heart attack and have a list of health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, developmental problems, and joint issues. Right now Santiago is put on a rigid diet of fruits and vegetables. He should lose 17 pounds in six months to one year.

With the 44-pound baby rescued from his bad eating habits, he may now have a solid chance at having a healthier life. It won't be easy to change it, but he's young enough that the chances are good it'll last a lifetime.

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