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4 tips for do-it-yourself graduation announcements

Check out these four tips for making and sending graduation announcements.
Check out these four tips for making and sending graduation announcements.
4 tips for do-it-yourself graduation announcements – Created by this user with public domain artwork

Are you celebrating the graduation of a high school, college, or university student? As you eagerly anticipate the commencement ceremony and celebration, you are likely preparing to notify family members and friends.

Customarily, families announce the new alumni with printed cards.

Graduation announcements have become a traditional means of formally sharing the good news of the graduate’s accomplishments. Generally, graduation announcements are mailed to family members and friends, particularly those who may be geographically distant or otherwise unable to attend and share in the commencement ceremony and related festivities.

Check out these four tips for making and sending graduation announcements.

How can you create or customize your own graduation announcements?

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1. Order graduation announcements online.

The simplest way to create personalized graduation announcements is to order them online from a print supplier. Most schools mail or distribute promotional packets for these items to graduating seniors during their final academic terms.

Homeschoolers and parents who wish to explore other ready-made options may find graduation announcements at Herff Jones, Jostens, Minted, Pear Tree Greetings, Simply to Impress, and other online merchants. Many photo storage and gift websites have graduation announcement capabilities too. Local print shops may offer additional choices.

Purveyors of professionally printed graduation announcements and invitations provide customizable designs for easy online ordering. The graduation announcements you create will arrive in the mail, usually within a few weeks.

Be sure to order early, if you choose this route, so you will have time to address and mail your printed graduation announcements to your family and friends.

Formal printed commencement announcements tend to be extremely costly. Why not save funds for the graduate’s future endeavors by producing do-it-yourself notices instead?

2. Take and tailor a graduation announcement template.

Many families choose to create and print their own graduation announcements, realizing significant cost savings in the process and streamlining the production process.

Formal and contemporary graduation announcement templates are available online for do-it-yourselfers.

To make your own graduation announcements with free online templates, you simply download your selected design and add the graduate’s own personal information. Include the graduate’s full name, school attended, and class year. Add the school emblem, if you wish.

3. Create your own graduation announcement design.

Is your graduate a creative artist? Are you? Why not design your own unique graduation announcements?

Although families have traditionally sent out formal graduation announcements, with handwritten, embossed, or printed calligraphy, the norm is no longer expected. Anything goes.

You could create a photo collage of the graduate’s school years. Or you might make a newspaper-style layout with highlights of the graduate’s academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Perhaps you may choose to draw a cartoon to announce the graduate’s successful completion of his or her schooling.

Creating your own graduation announcements is an excellent way to express individuality, while saving a bundle.

4. Print and mail graduation announcements promptly.

Print your own graduation announcements on a high-quality paper, such as cardstock or photographic sheets. Trim your graduation announcements to fit your selected envelopes, and include wallet-sized prints or snapshots of the graduate’s senior portrait in your mailings, if you can.

To save even more cash, you might decide to design your graduation announcements in a postcard format. If so, be sure to print them out on sturdy cardstock or tag board.

Increasingly, families choose to send scanned or digitized versions of graduation announcements by email or online posting, so they may economically spread the word to lots more loved ones.

Some families choose to write “No gifts, please” on graduation announcements, so recipients do not feel obligated.

As your graduate completes schooling and considers how to leave his or her mark upon the world, why not make your own creative graduation announcements to mark the occasion?

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