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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Winter Olympics: Biathlon competitor confesses to 'doping'

A Winter Olympic biathlete team member from Lithuania confessed to 'doping' and made an apology for his actions, officials from the International Biathlon Union said on Sunday.

The disgraced Olympian, 28-year-old Karolis Zlatkauskas admitted he took a performance-enhancing drug.
International Biathlon Union

The Biathlon event includes both skiing and rifle marksmanship by competitors and there are events for male and female competitors.

The disgraced Olympian, 28-year-old Karolis Zlatkauskas, waived his right to have his "B" sample tested and faces a ban after a test taken on Dec. 19, 2013, found blood-booster EPO in his urine.

Zlatkauskas has been a regular on the biathlon World Cup circuit since 2005, although he has only finished one race in the top 50 biathletes. He competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics, but is not competing at the Games in Sochi.

“Mr. Zlatkauskas admitted that he made a mistake,” IBU said in a website statement. “He pointed out in a letter to the IBU that with his action he deeply disappointed the IBU, the Lithuanian Biathlon Federation and his team. He closed his comments by offering an apology to the whole biathlon family for his actions.”

Zlatkauskas' provisional suspension for a failed test remains in force until the IBU anti-doping hearing panel convenes to rule on his case.

Zlatkauskas is one of three Russian and Lithuanian biathletes currently suspended after failing performance-enhancing drug tests. One of the other two banned biathletes is Russia's Irina Starykh, who was considered leading contender for the 2014 Olympic Games, but has been removed from the host nation's team.

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