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2014 Winter Olympics

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2014 Olympics cat curling video goes viral; curling kittens look relaxed (Video)

The Sochi Olympics have stray dogs outside so why not some cat action on the Olympic curling ice? It’s not an official sport, nor will anyone miss that the cats are photoshopped on the ice, but the video has gone viral and Olympic fans can’t get enough as it has become a pop culture moment. According to Fansided on Saturday, the funny video has some people in arms as it hasn’t been updated for the 2014 Olympics.

While it’s doubtful that’s viewers around the world were thinking when they saw their pet that it should be lounging on a curling stone somewhere, but someone had the brilliant idea of combining cats and curling. Offering an interesting place for a cat to relax, the curling stone seems like the perfect perch as the animal is moved from one side of the ice to another.

Viral videos like this cat curling moment offer a chance for pop culture to be part of the Olympic world. While athletes are seriously competing to get a medal, it’s not easy to connect for the fans as they are focused on the sport. This offers a look at the Olympics, a few cats and offers a few laughs.

Take a look at the video clip of Olympics cat curling. It’s only time before a new Olympics figure skating video comes out or maybe an Olympics downhill snowboarding video!

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