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2014 Grammy Awards: Best Comedy Album prediction & analysis

Tig Notaro's ability to turn tragedy into comedy makes her the favorite to win the 2014 Best Comedy Album Grammy.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

2014 Grammy Awards: Best Comedy Album nominees
I'm Here to Help, Craig Ferguson
Calm Down Gurrl, Kathy Griffin
Live, Tig Notaro
That's What I'm Talkin' About, Bob Saget
A Little Unprofessional, Ron White

History will be made in the Best Comedy Album category at the 2014 Grammys. Since 1963, only two women have won the award: Lily Tomlin in 1972 and Whoopi Goldberg in 1986.

This year, we predict a new name will be added to that list of triumphant females. Tig Notaro is the heavy favorite to capture the award for Live, which has already achieved legendary status within the comedy community.

Notaro's album was recorded in 2012 at Largo. She walked on stage and opened the show with, “Hello, I have cancer!” From there, her raw, personal set was both painful and hilarious as she somehow got the audience laughing while finding the humor in her battle with cancer and her mother’s unexpected death.

“It’s going to be ok,” she assured the concerned audience at one point, before earning raucous laughter when she quickly added, “It might not be ok. But I'm just saying it's ok.”

Louis C.K., a Best Comedy Album Grammy winner himself, was in attendance that night and called Notaro's set "one of the greatest standup performances I ever saw." He immediately agreed to distribute the performance on his website, which eventually led to a formal release on Secretly Canadian Records.

The Grammys have a history of choosing questionable winners, but it's hard to imagine them screwing this one up. Fortunately for Notaro, the Comedy field is wide open this year – there’s no George Carlin or Chris Rock guaranteed to win based on name recognition alone.

Notaro’s competition is Kathy Griffin, Craig Ferguson, Bob Saget, and Ron White. They’re all solid comedians, but none can possibly compete with Notaro’s soul-baring recording. Notaro’s peers will reward her with the Best Comedy Album Grammy.

Should win: Live, Tig Notaro
Will win: Live, Tig Notaro
Should have also been nominated: The Wack Album, Lonely Island

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