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2012 Game of the Year Awards

Cory Wells

It's taken four rounds, but my second annual Game of the Year Awards are here. Broken down into different categories, i'm not going to name a multiplatform release as a specific system's game of the year. That wouldn't make much sense, since the game is available on more than one syst

RPG Game of the Year

Diablo 3 vs Dragon's Dogma

Winner: Diablo 3

This title took a lot of flack from fans of the series, but in the end it truly is an incredible title. The art, the story, the level design, all are brilliant. The auction house keeps you hooked as well.

Horror Game of the Year

Resident Evil: Revelations vs The Walking Dead

Winner: Resident Evil: Revelations

As great of a series as The Walking Dead has been, Resident Evil: Revelations gets overlooked due to its release on the 3DS. This is what RE 6 should have been, and rumors are floating around of a port to the main consoles. This game sets a great mood and atmosphere, as RE games should.

Racing Game of the Year

F1 2012 vs Forza Horizon

Winner: F1 2012

There weren't many great racing releases this year. F1 2012 stands above and beyond as being a great console simulator for Formula One racing. Forza Horizon got great reviews, but upon playing, I realized that this game has been done before. It seems all the kart games were a letdown this year as well.

Sports Game of the Year

Madden 13 vs NBA 2K13

Winner: Madden 13

Madden 13 made the biggest stride forward of any sports title this year. A new engine, a new look, new broadcasting, and new career modes have helped reinvent the franchise going into the next generation.

Downloadable Game of the Year

The Walking Dead vs Journey

Winner: The Walking Dead

There were a lot of great downloadable games released in 2012. The Walking Dead gets the edge over Journey based on the content and type of game it was. It's a very addicting game that you can go through multiple times. Each chapter was released as different episodes. The art design is fantastic and follows its own story.

Fighting Game of the Year

Street Fighter x Tekken vs PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

Winner: PS All-Stars

There weren't a ton of fighting games that came out this year that really stuck out. Tekken Tag 2 was okay, but ultimately lacks what Tekken use to be. PS All-Stars brought a another dimension with a different style of fighting that's been seen in another popular title.

Shooting Game of the Year

Borderlands 2 vs Halo 4

Winner: Borderlands 2

This was a tight battle but I give the edge to Borderlands. The game is unique and a fun multiplayer experience. The story and humor are great, and it's the most enjoyable shooter of 2012.

Action/Adventure Game of the Year

Hitman: Absolution vs Dishonored

Winner: Hitman Absolution

Hitman is an excellent title for that series and with the graphics and gameplay goes above and beyond the competition.

3DS Game of the Year

New Super Mario Bros 2 vs Resident Evil: Revelations

Winner: Resident Evil: Revelations

This game shows what the 3DS is capable of. This is one of those titles that people won't get a chance to play and should be ported. Mario games are one thing, but a complete game like that captures so much and utilizes the tools given to it clearly makes this the top 3DS game in 2012.

PlayStation 3 Game of the Year

Starhawk vs Twisted Metal

Winner: Twisted Metal

In a year where a lot of exclusives were announced, overall they didn't live up to expectations. LBP Kart did not turn out well, and All-Stars didn't really do enough for the hype it was given. Starhawk was a good multiplayer game, but the single player lacked. Then we are left with Twisted Metal, which reintroduced it's classic gameplay formula and an excellent single player campaign.

PlayStation Vita Game of the Year

Gravity Rush vs Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Winner: Uncharted

Golden Abyss is a technological breakthrough on a portable system. The game looks as good as it's console brother and it plays the same as well. The must have title on the Vita.

Xbox 360 Game of the Year

Forza Horizon vs Halo 4

Winner: Halo 4

Halo 4 proved the Xbox 360 has life left. This is a graphical breakthrough on this old technology. This is what I envisioned Halo would be now ten years ago.

PC Game of the Year

Diablo 3 vs Guild Wars 2

Winner: Diablo 3

Despite the gripes about linear levels, the auction house, and the way you level up, this is still the new benchmark of RPG's. Most of the gripes came from fans of Diablo 2, but Diablo 3 is an amazing title. The art and the level design are excellent. The graphical and sound effects are magnificent. I like the fact that each game is limited to four people, as the overall aspect of the game stays true to the past. While Blizzard releases patches and soon an expansion pack, hopefully it will turn those haters around.

Multiplatform Game of the Year

Hitman: Absolution vs Far Cry 3 vs Borderlands 2 vs Dishonored vs XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Winner: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

This was a very tough call for me, but XCOM is undoubtedly the most entertaining game of 2012. It's not the best looking game, but it's a super addictive turn-based strategy game that anyone should give a chance if they haven't. I had to sit back and think what game I had the most fun with, and it was XCOM. Managing your base, upgrading your characters, and naming your characters ridiculous names is amazing. This title is worth every penny.

Collection of the Year

God of War Saga vs Killzone HD

Winner: God of War Saga

With these releases becoming more abundant, it's time to give which collection the attention it deserves. The best bang for the buck is clearly the God of War Saga. It comes with all 5 games, all in 1080p and some in 3D. The graphical masterpiece God of War 3 is worth the $40 to start with.



It disappoints me that people who don't own a pc and cannot play this title. It doesn't require high specs and runs excellent. There are eventual plans for a console release, but who knows when that'll be. The final level will have you vomiting rainbows in a daze of gloriousness. Playing to achieve perks with your characters and mixing them up are addictive. Unlocking difficulty levels, playing with different characters, and the auction house will have you coming back for more.


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