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2 dead at Mardi Gras World

Mardi Gras madness turns to death
Mardi Gras madness turns to death
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Unfortunately it was reported yesterday, two males have been shot and killed during an event held at the Mardi Gras World. A third victim was wounded.

Although there were two deadly shootings, they didn't take place at the same time, and didn't interfere with the show. Police said, they were unrelated.

It appears one of the victims fathers was at the scene. He could be heard crying and saying, "they took my baby, they took my son." While authorities were taking reports, the crowd of onlookers gathered.

The victim was 25-year-old, Deron Hitchens. His grandmother, Viola Galmon, said she couldn't understand how he became a victim of gun violence, "he wasn't the kind of person."

The other male victim, Kendrell Fields, was found with multiple gun wounds.

Police said, they were still recovering evidence at the scene.

According to police reports, both gentleman had been struck more than once, and nearby vehicles had been shot. Luckily those vehicles were not occupied during the gun violence. It was also reported that one handgun was found at the scene.

"This investigation is very preliminary and investigators are currently in the process of gathering evidence and information to identify the person(s) responsible in this incident, as well as a motive," said Officer Frank Robertson.

Rapper Quan said, it doesn't appear either of the two gunman interrupted his show. The concert had been scheduled to start at 7 p.m., and the gun shots were reported three hours later around 10 p.m.

A fun night to celebrate Fat Tuesday turned to deadly gun fire. It was reported one of the three victims who also sustained gun wounds was in stable condition.

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