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127 yard sale: Worlds longest sale covers five states

127 yard sale: Worlds longest sale covers five states
127 yard sale: Worlds longest sale covers five states
Photo by Brian Stansberry/Wikimedia Commons

The 127 yard sale is now underway. The sale is billed as the longest and spans five states along Highway 127. According to The Inquisitr on August 2, 2013, the event extends for hundreds of miles.

"The world’s largest yard sale stretches from Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama. The sale follows route 127 through Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. According to the organizers of the sale, that’s more than 690 miles worth of deals."

The 127 yard sale began on August 1 and will continue through August 4. The annual event is held outdoors and is being held for the 26th time this year. The idea is for resident along the route to clean out their closets and offer items for sale in their front yards. Music and vendors are also expected to be part of the fun.

The 127 yard sale was started in 1987 by a county executive in Tennessee. It was intended to help people turn their stored second-hand items into cash. it was also meant to bring tourists out to see the back roads of this part of the country and to visit the towns along the way. The Lookout Mountain Parkway Association a few years in and added Highway 58 plus several others on the way to Gadsden. Thousands of vendors now participate and many visitors come from overseas. The event was even covered by HGTV in 2006.

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